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Daniela “RED” Quesada: Rising Star from Costa Rica to Carolina

When we think about international impact in sports, we often think about soccer, basketball, or baseball. But this year, women’s tackle football has witnessed the rise of an international sensation that has broken boundaries and turned heads in the WFA-the Women’s Football Alliance. 

Introducing Daniela Quesada, fondly known as “RED”, the fiery fullback from Costa Rica who made waves in her debut season with the Carolina Phoenix. The term “Phoenix” is emblematic of rebirth, and in many ways, RED’s journey embodies that spirit. From the shores of Costa Rica to the fields of North Carolina, her path was one of passion, dedication, and raw talent.

In her first season, RED not only adapted to the intensity and competitiveness of the league but also stood out as one of it’s shining stars. She swiftly positioned herself as a force to be reckoned with, charging down the field with a combination of speed and power that left opponents in awe. This Costa Rican powerhouse was not just content with making a mark; she wanted to etch her name in the annals of WFA history. 

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